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There is close to 6.5 billion people living on this earth. Approximately 51% of which, are of female gender. However when it comes to dating and making the first moves , much more tools and tips are offered to men. Think about it. Dating lines and sites publicity is targeting primarily male audience. Yes there will be a handsome men flashing somewhere in the commercial, but main attraction will be females. Why is that? Surely not because they dominate in their number, statistics show a near 1./1 proportion males vs. females. Neither because women use less of partner seeking services , as they represent a close to 43% of the clientele for telephone matching services for example. Well , one of the reasons why men are mostly targeted by the dating services, is that women have more pull-backs when it comes to accepting help in mate-searching, and prefer more “orthodox” approaches. Men on the other hand, have little time to dedicate to soul mate searching, and “ do not beat around the bush”

This site will offer free relationship advice for women , that will find a lot of pertinent information. We learn new things everyday, some we chose to apply, others we forget before even considering . Knowledge is power , and sometimes hardest problems, have easiest solutions. We just have to stop for a moment, and think. To find a solution you have to start by understanding the problem. From which comes the saying that “ Problem is a part of the solution” . As often as I can , I will offer personalized relationship advice for women and men, upon your e-mails. I have been quiet busy lately, but I will try to answer as many messages as I can.

Some say , that break ups are like a big storms at sea.. Once you overcome it, the ship gains in its value and reputation for bravery and resistance. And the crew members are forever bonded by the experience . What doesn’t kill you , makes you so much stronger! We therefore have to learn from our mistakes, in order to make personal progress and avoid deceptions. Most often the relationship advice women seek , is when it it s already too late. Better late then never . But also better to prevent then to heal. On the main page of this site, I leave reference for an excellent book I recently read on dating and relationship advice for women and men . Best of luck!

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