Relationship advice: book review

I was always interested by human psychology and interpersonal relationship matters. I will also have to admit, that I am an avid fan of Dr.Phil series. While he does not always have the best of subjects treated in his TV shows, he sure provides impeccable relationship advice.
Nevertheless, I find it hard to retain certain information when just watching a TV show, notes taking could be impossible, and somewhat impractical. Thus I highly recommend that you to read on relationship problem advice, because this way the brain registers the information much better. Other alternatives to “self-help” books are various internet websites. Nowadays, technology permits us to obtain relationship advice online, with a click of a button.
However free relationship advice is not always good , paid advice ensure quality , in most cases. I was personally going through a rough phase with my fiancé last year. Nor me nor my husband had time to attend long marriage counseling sessions, so I have turned to books to get my answers. I have read numerous books that I have ordered online on relationships  and marriage tips.

One that particularly struck me, was
The Complete Idiot’s Guide(R) to a Healthy Relationship (2nd Edition).

While I am not very fond of the title, this book did chew up all the complex aspects of a happy marriage quite well. All my previous reads, where based on a rather fancy language and complicated notions, and provided little help. While this book is straight forward, without any detours or vague explanations. When we pick a book, to help us deal with a specific issue, we are looking for answers. Not more questions and unfortunately this is what many of those books do. Of course questioning is inevitable, when it comes to personal growth or relationship healing. However this type of questioning needs to come from within, and not created by some fancy –lingo induced books. I stress this idea, because I remember being discouraged myself, after attempting to read through the very first relationship advice book, I have ordered online. It made me feel like I was being patronized by the author, for not understanding the very concepts, treated in the book.
This is why , from now on I search for simplified and direct approach books. Those types of books give us just enough information to dig in deeper into ourselves and help us deal with the problematic issues. As well, it gives very effective techniques, in exploring the partner`s concerns and issues, without putting any pressure on them.
If you are looking for a good book, you can trust J,Kuriansky, as she definitely has what it takes to help people deal with some pretty sensitive and important issues.


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