cheatingWhen we are truly in love the feelings takes over us. It is like being swept by a huge wave. First thing on our mind when we wake up is the thought of the loved one, or his/her face sharing your pillow. This person becomes the ultimate reason behind everything we do. It is the main focus of our life. Friends are often neglected and other interests of our life become secondary. It is like two hearts are beating within, yours and the partner’s. Long term plans helps us lay out the foundation for a lifelong companionship. And you cannot picture your life without that chosen one.

Sometimes, we find ourselves with a feeling of fear inside. Fear to lose that special someone to someone else, fear of them walking out of our life forever. Fear of being abandoned. At times, these fears have no justification and it is just our “defense” mechanism that does not let us fall head over heels and always stay on guard. But in some cases, it’s our gut feeling telling us something is wrong. There is a big difference between “spousal paranoia” and intuition or fact gathering. This is why you will have to evaluate the situation and determine whether there really are signs of a cheating boyfriend. In this section of the website we will talk about things that might indicate on infidelity and help you answer the ultimate question “Is my husband cheating?”

When dealing with a potentially cheating spouse, many women take desperate measures to find ways, how to catch a cheating husband. Generally, it is much easier to catch cheating boyfriend, than a legal spouse. Marriage’s legal status would be jeopardized by adultery, so married men often go out of their way to dissimulate the affair. While civil union partners can be less careful and act recklessly when it comes to hiding unfaithfulness. If you feel like your husband or boyfriend is cheating, this website will provide you with free coaching and tips on how to verify whether your intuition is right for example you can run a thorough reverse phone number check on a number using a powerful service like: Knowledge is power, once you discover whether your partner is being faithful or now, the decision is yours. But you have the right to know all the facts, before you decide to forgive or forget.

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