Is My Husband Cheating

Popular anthropologists state , that monogamy and exclusive sexual partnership is a cultural creation. Best proof comes from the maintained practices of polygamy in certain world locations which date back thousands of years. Polygamy implies many spouses of female gender for one husband. While androgamy is the other way around, and one woman will marry many men these practices are very seldom. Androgamy was mainly present within matriarchal societies (women dominated), were women were also the clan/village/nation leaders. Hence, in modern day, it is two party unions that will be legally and socially recognized and we will search for that other half, the soul mate. One partner is enough to love, procreate, and grow old with. Faithfulness is one of the pillars of a healthy marriage, and if that circle of trust is broken, it often requires a lot of hard work to rebuild. Some say that cheating is an ultimate wound and it’s extremely hard to forgive a cheating spouse. Others say that anybody can slip once and a singular extramarital affair does not guarantee future unfaithfulness. It always depends on the situation if kids are involved etc.

Whatever your position on the subject is, the first thing you want to know is “How to tell if my husband is cheating”. You can do it in a number of ways, including a Spy application which catches him in the act of sending out love emails etc. it’s called  ”Supreme Spylogger“. Women are known for having a 6th sense, a naturally developed intuition. Therefore the premonition to your husband cheating, might just be that gut feeling that something is not right. It is very important to make a distinction between doubting your partner out of your own insecurities and having proof to suspicion of infidelity. These signs include him being often late from work, spending a lot of time with a female friend you are unacquainted with, presence of strange aroma and perfume on his clothes, receiving and making calls in private etc. I found signs that my husband is cheating on his credit card bills. There were restaurant and hotel charges that he had never mentioned going to before. And his absences were frequent. But I had to make sure, and really know if my husband is cheating, before making any drastic decisions. I took his mobile phone invoice with the listings of monthly incoming and outgoing calls and filtered out numbers I did not know, that were neither work, friends or family contacts. After, I singled out two telephone numbers to which short calls were made during times that my husband was actually home. I marked on my calendar who my husband has spoken to when at home and followed with the observations for 1 week. When compared to his next invoice, it was clear he was calling behind my back. Same day I ordered a Reverse Phone Number Look Up research on the numbers, and determined that it belonged to the same woman. She was living on the same street and the mothers of my kid’s playmates. I remembered seeing them together in the park, but at the time I did not think much of it. But now it all made sense. I realized that there was my husband cheating on me with the last person I could imagine and all that time I knew nothing about it. The truth is that my husband cheating was much harder to cope with than I could have ever imagined. Because I was overanalyzing the situation and looking for reasons that did not exist. We went through counselling and therapy, I decided to give it another chance. I could never forget, but I learned to forgive. After all, everybody makes mistakes.

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