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Relationship Advice

relationship adviceWe tend to seek advice when dealing with a difficult situation or being unsure of own capacities and abilities. It allows us to see the situation from a different perspective and potentially let us improve aspects of the relationship that are bothering us. The type of counseling will vary depending on the type of a relationship you are involved in (ex: extramarital, legally bonded, casual partners, long distance etc). This site offers support for individuals from different walks of life who are facing various relationship problems. Long distance relationship advice, marriage relationship advice and reconciliation techniques are subjects that are explained in this section. Having had experience in couple’s counselling I will do my best to address issues frequently found in modern day relationships. I will combine data from different sources on relationship advice women struggle with. Human nature is my passion and I have been reading relationship advice books years before I pursued academic studies in the field. It is important for you not to panic and isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Solution to your problem is out there, you just don’t know it yet.

I highly recommend a book on the subject: ” It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Break-Up Buddy ” reading this book really empowered me and gave me the strength to see things differently, it’s simply a must have.

Nothing is irreversible, even when we lose loved ones to death we will get a chance to make it right once reunited. If your separation was not fatal, there is something that can be done about it right now. By that I don’t mean rushing the events and making more mistakes by acting impulsively. What I mean is as of now you can alter the way you look at the situation and shift your personal perception from despair to courage. Courage to accept things you can’t change and change the ones you can.

Sounds pretty basic right? Yet many people struggle to understand this key notion. They waste their lives chasing things they can’t get and completely ignore the very aspects that bother them yet are under their command. What I’m getting to is for example, while you can’t undo infidelity that took a toll on your relationship you can change the role you’re playing in this situation. If you can’t truly forget and forgive your spouse for doing that, you could leave. And if you leave, you must understand that it is a decision and not an obligation. You walk away not to feel trapped. Or you remain “trapped“ not to walk away. We always have a choice, always! Even if someone leaves us for example, we still have a choice to pursue the person and try and reconcile or move on. We ultimately chose what we do. In this section we will discuss choices we face when dealing with potentially life changing situations. If you feel like this section can use more information please let me know and I will update the website with new relationship advice based on your request.

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