How to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

It's possible!

It's possible!

This website was created as a sanctuary for all the souls out there, going through a break up, anticipating one or dealing with a cheating spouse.  No one is safe against a rupture of a union or infidelity, I have been down this road myself. I decided to create a virtual space where individuals from all walks of life can find some support. It is important to surround ourselves with tools that will help us understand and ease our pain. A break up does not imply that one`s love is gone it is just a rough turn on this road of relationship. It is possible to salvage a relationship even if you were not the one to make the call for the break up there are techniques to undo the “ex” partner factor, and effectively reconcile. I too once felt helpless and desperate when facing a break up until I came across a book that  changed my life.

It is called “The magic of making up”  and it is absolutely amazing. I never believed that we can influence one`s behavior when it came to things like break ups, but this book proved me wrong. It was written by a man that gives us interesting perspectives on male psychology, but it is addressed to readers of both sexes. The most important thing to understand when it comes to break ups is that your attitude following the split will determine whether you will get back together or not. Only your behavior can make your ex partner reconsider his decision, if you do not undertake wise steps like described by the author, your ex will remain history.

First thing to do is to pull yourself together and realize that it is not really over, until you give up. However do not chase your ex, and beg him to take you back as it will only aggravate the situation. You have to act wisely, and learn no control your emotions or at least pretend to do so. I was surprised myself, how easily I managed to get my man back. It did not happen overnight, but all the hard work paid off. Today we are happier than ever and I came to understand that the break up took place, so I could learn some things about myself and the relationship through that book. Everything happens for a reason and today I can say with confidence, that we broke up ,so we could get back together for good.

Please share your success stories with us, I am working on a “testimonials” part of the website and should put it up in the near future. There we will publish your messages on a monthly basis to show others that there is hope. Tell us what the book did for you and do not worry about confidentiality. We will post no real names or photos.

Courage dear, as THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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How to break up using astrology

How to break up using astrology

A little bit of astrology can be very helpful in certain situations. Here are ways to effectively lose your loved one based on his sign. Consider doing the opposite if you want to keep him or bring him back.

CAPRICORN (December 23rd – January 19th)
Make fun of their social inadequacy. They feel insecure in unfamiliar crowds, make sure you put emphasis on that and portray it as being very amusing. Capricorns can’t stand being teased. They are intolerant of tasteless jokes and criticism; make sure you go heavy on both elements. Women Capricorns are extremely attached to their families. Disrespect her mother, brother or any other family member, and you will be put on her “black list”. Waste money recklessly. Show jealousy. Capricorns don’t tolerate intrusion in their “secret garden”. If they see you as possessive, they will look for a way out. Drag them along every social happening, and very soon they will refuse to follow and leave for good.

AQUARIUS ( January 20th – February 18th)
You rarely break-up with an Aquarius yourself, usually he’s the one to take the initiative. Aquarius’ intuition will warn him long before you say anything. They know beforehand if something is not going to work. However if it’s a difficult case, here are some pointers: Be a true “couch potato”, chose watching a movie at home, over going out with Aquarius and his/her friends. Be frugal. Complain excessively, yet ignore their advice. Be mysterious and never share secrets. When Aquarius makes a mistake, act as if it’s unforgivable. Be old fashioned in every aspect of your life. Make fun of their desire to help others. Try to separate them from their old friends.

PISCES ( February 19th – March 20th)
Pisces are very sensitive and easily hurt. When in a group, always interrupt Pisces and make fun of them. Don’t allow them to express themselves. Lead every possible discussion. Welcome arguments and debates, yet don’t consider their point of view. Don’t compliment them; instead hint that they need to change their hair color or something of the sort. Return their gifts for a refund. Be intolerant to their mistakes and discredit their traditional points of view. Most of all, condemn their smallest mistakes. Very soon Pisces will become depressed and disoriented and they will seek for support in the arms of someone else.

ARIES (March 21st- April 19th)
If you want to lose your Aries, bring him to the same place you have initially met. If it was at a party, go to one and watch how quickly his enigmatic personality attracts attention. Chances are, if you allow him to meet someone he will set you free. If that approach doesn’t work, go to bed with a good book and push away your spouse’s romantic attempts. Also you should give him practical and boring presents. Become impatient and always disagree with everything.

TAURUS (April 20th- May 20th)
The longer your relationship is with a Taurus, the harder it is to end it. If you show Taurus that you prefer spending nights sitting at home and listening to Mozart, he might start looking for someone a little more dynamic. If you want to push your Taurus away, put emphasis on things that are important to you, while ignoring Taurus’s needs. Neglect your appearance. When talking about any subject with a Taurus, always try to change their opinion. Flirt with others. It might take time, but the Taurus will end up leaving.

GEMINI (May 21st- June 20th)
Be boring. Don’t socialize. Tell endless and winded stories, adding enormous amount of useless details. Bring “touchy” topics to the table. Gemini hate arguments, so make sure you start endless debates without giving him a chance to speak. Be predictable, always go to the same places, with the same people, wearing same things. The routine will drive them insane. Be impatient and explosive. In all situations find the negative. Gemini are optimists by nature, persuade them that if it’s bad today, tomorrow will get only worst. Find reasons to keep them at home every night, limit their freedom of movement. And they will end up breaking free from you forever.

CANCER (June 21st –July 22nd)
It is rather hard to get rid of a Cancer, as they tend to stick like instant glue. Always be in a bad mood, this will in return negatively affect Cancer’s mood. Be negligent and unkind. Nag a lot. Play a dominating role. Criticize his performance in bed. It is in his nature to doubt his capacities as it is, by criticizing him you will crash his ego altogether. Don’t listen to Cancer’s advice, don’t give them the attention and reassurance they need. Criticize everything and anything, they are especially susceptible to criticism. Don’t forget to speak poorly of your mother in law. Since Cancers tend to idealize their mother’s this might just be their last straw.

LEO (July 23rd- August 22nd)
Always talk about yourself. In any discussion bring the attention on yourself and speak without allowing your partner to slip in a single syllable. Contradict persistently. When they share their problems or attempt to express own point of view- yawn. Forget important dates (birthday, anniversaries, St.Valentine’s day etc.) Leos can’t stand this type of neglect. Don’t compliment or flatter them. Criticize their style, friends and apartment. Dress tastelessly and casually even to the biggest of events. Consciously, give them reasons to be jealous. Be a penny pincher. Always aim at their ego. Leo will soon look for someone that will make them feel like a king of the jungle that they are.

VIRGO (August 23rd – September 22nd)
Use a vulgar language. Neglect personal hygiene, don’t take daily showers. Dress poorly. Put your ashes in the coffee cup. Don’t create comfort at home. Always be late. Reject all constructive criticism. Make decisions without asking for Virgo’s opinion. Don’t take into consideration Virgo’s opinions even if they are volunteered. Share the most intimate details of your couple with others. Tell tasteless jokes. Gamble. Virgo isn’t very keen in ending relationships but if you apply yourself by using the proposed tactics, Virgo will leave without a doubt.

LIBRA (September 23rd – October 22nd)
It’s quiet easy to push a Libra away. Neglect your physical appearance. Set dates in noisy, public places. Speak about irrelevant things. Contradict Libra in everything. Nag about their ways in handling finances. Insist upon making all the financial decisions on their behalf and policing their expenses. Label them as irresponsible. Open their mail and snoop through their mobile phones. Intrusion into their personal life is one of the deadly sins according to Libras. Don’t make compliments. Be hysterical. Try to make them lose their temper. Criticize their cooking skills. Both men and women Libras, in general think highly of their culinary skills. As a last resort, if all else fails, next time you are having an argument, get physical. Libras won’t put up with the aggression.

SCORPIO (October 23rd- November 21st)
Scorpios have rather explosive tempers; therefore it might be a little dangerous to push them into a break up. Head-to-head collision might have a tragic outcome, therefore a subtle approach is recommended. Don’t show the due attachment to the Scorpio partner. This will make them insecure and unfulfilled. Don’t surround them with usual demonstration of affection. Always think about own interests and benefits. Complain about their lack of attention towards you. Point out their mistakes. In a conversation always take initiative into own hands, even if you have no clue what you are talking about it. Never compliment and encourage them. Make them jealous and then mock their reaction, all while continuing the same behavior that made them jealous. However you need to avoid heated arguments at all costs, otherwise the relationship might not be the only broken thing in your life.

SAGITARIUS (November 22nd- December 21st)
Command them in everything: what to wear, how to act and what to say. Criticize their friends, house and pets. Look for the negative in everything. As a general rule, Sagittarius is an optimist that believes that behind every door is a new opportunity – contradict this belief. To get rid of a woman Sagittarius: flirt with other women in front of her; ask her to change her profession and hair cut. Refuse to take trips, choosing to watch a movie instead. To push away a man Sagittarius, invite over individuals he dislikes, complain about impracticality of his plans, ideas and projects. Like an arrow, off he goes.